Nature itself is the best physician

What is naturopathy?
Who is a naturopath?
When should I seek a consultation?
What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a set of methods of care aimed at strengthening the body's defenses by natural and biological means.

It can therefore be concluded that naturopathy has the mission of preventing disease, maintaining health, or optimizing it through a healthier lifestyle. It is not a substitute for conventional medicine but can complement it.

Who is a naturopath?

Your naturopath is there to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle in compliance with simple, common sense and easily accessible applications.
With your naturopath you cease to be a patient to become a consultant, in charge of your own health.
Your naturopath will consider all aspects of your life to assess the root causes of your health concerns. Naturopathy, a nonconventional medicine, is a holistic approach that looks at your life choices as one whole to understand the causes of health problems. Your naturopath works for you and with you to synthesize the natural methods of health, quality of life and the environment. Through this comprehensive and coherent system naturopathy focuses above all on the stimulation of the self-healing mechanisms of the organism.

When should I seek a consultation?

If you are seeking to:
Live with pleasure
Embody a natural quality of life.
Preserve your health no matter the age
Restore good health when it is impaired
Be accompanied in the follow-up of important pathologies

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The Process
First, we gather information to understand your current situation: constitution, temperament, risk factors, medical history, family history;
Information and prevention on several aspects of general health;
Researching the possible causes of your situation (using naturopathic questionnaires & functional tests);
Natural health advice (stress management, diet adjustment, natural health products, hydrotherapy)
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The Parapharmacie
By the way:
Your naturopath will not establish a health diagnosis.
What will be said during the consultation will remain strictly confidential.
The first encounter lasts for about 90 minutes (sometimes longer)
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