Colon hydrotherapy, or colonic irrigation, is a technique for cleaning the large intestine that uses purified water to which plants or probiotics are added.
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What is colonic irrigation?
The water is gently injected into the colon through the rectum using a pipe connected to a device designed for this purpose. Maintained inside the intestine, the liquid dislodges what is in it (stools, mucus, toxins, acid, etc.) even in the smallest folds. 

Then the water comes out taking with it the waste and buildup. As everything is done in "closed circuit", the hydrotherapy of the colon, or irrigation of the colon, is completely odorless. In short, irrigation of the colon is a profound cleanse.

The benefits of colonic irrigation
  • general feeling of well-being
  • sensation of lightness, relaxation
  • clearer and more serene mind
  • enhanced sleep
  • improved renal and hepatic function
  • enhanced immunity
  • inflammatory and congestive conditions relieved
  • relief from multiple discomforts
The irrigation of the colon stimulates detoxification of the body thus making it possible to alleviate many health problems.
  • Obesity and poor digestion
  • Intestinal laziness, constipation, diarrhea
  • Gas, bloating, intestinal weakness
  • Edema, inflammation, colitis, diverticulitis
  • Parasites, candida albicans
  • Difficult Menstruation
  • Renal insufficiency
Colonic irrigation should be avoided in the following cases:
  • recent surgery of the colon,
  • uncontrolled hypertension,
  • cancer tumor of the colon in evolutionary phase,
  • digestive syncope of cardiac origin,
  • advanced pregnancy (starting from the 4th month),
  • Acute hemorrhoids,
  • acute-phase fissures or fistulas,
  • acute intestinal ulcers,
  • suspicion of digestive perforation.
How does a colonic irrigation treatment take place?
Our therapist will take the time to discuss the procedure and address any questions. While the interview is used to make a health check, above all it is the time to establish a relationship of trust. Since colon hydrotherapy, or colonic irrigation is an intimate treatment, the psychological aspect is very important.

During the treatment, you will be covered, lying comfortably on the side or on the back (or in turn in either position) according to the method of our hygienists.
A disposable cannula is inserted into the rectum with two independent conduits and is connected to an apparatus responsible for the pressure and evacuation of the water. More precisely, the filtered water is directed into the intestine by one of the ducts. The water stays there for a few minutes to dislodge stool, mucus and other waste. Our hygienist can then perform a massage of the abdomen to assist in the elimination of residues stuck to the intestinal wall.
At this stage you may feel some discomfort or even a sensation that evokes intestinal cramps.Then, relief: the waste water is discharged outside the body through the second conduit. Since the conduit is transparent, you can observe the result with your own eyes.
The procedure is repeated a few times during the session, which lasts about 45 minutes. At the end of the treatment, our hygienist can add certain products to the water to favor the balance of the intestinal flora.

For a "deep cleanse", it is generally advised to do some treatments within a short period of time. Then, unless there is a chronic problem, one or more irrigations or hydrotherapies of the colon are repeated each year.
Is it dangerous?

No. Colonic irrigation is a very gentle and safe method when practiced by a certified CCHCC hygienist, performed with the equipment that meets the standards of the corporation. It is a hygienic measure that addresses us all.
How do I prepare for a colonic irrigation?
Your first appointment does not necessarily equate to your first treatment. Our naturopaths will always recommend a consultation before proceeding with treatment. The goal is to prepare the intestine so that the treatment is more. A diet plan and taking a special brew that assists with elimination, a few days or weeks before the first session, will allow you to maximize your cleanse.
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